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Visual Communication
Obtain a traditional print media copy (you must have access to a full color cover with Don Bartletti's photograph, as well as a mid-book section, which contains 15 other Bartletti photographs) of Sonia Nozario's Enrique's Journey. Please note that if a Kindle (digital) version is available, which provides full color photographs, you may use it. Read the book in its entirety and be certain to include the author's prologue.
Be certain to minimally answer the following important questions: Who are Sonia Nazario and Don Bartletti? (Each was awarded one of journalism's highest honors, a Pulitzer Prize.) Who is Enrique and how does his abortive relationship with his mother propel the narrative? For what newspaper did they originally write/shoot the encompassing narrative reflected in the book? What strategy did Nazario employ to create a compelling story of the wide-ranging and complex issues surrounding U.S. immigration? Describe the literal and metaphorical import of "The Train of Death." In analyzing the cover and the two selected photographs, carefully describe the literal and figurative meanings that you perceive, as well as a detailed description of the photographs' fundamental elements of subject, color, form, line and shape. How does the author frame her narrative? To what extent might the author be seeking an "agenda setting" effect in her powerful and widely read book? Did the book influence how you perceive the complex landscape of U.S. immigration?
You are to write no less than 4 nor more than 5 double-spaced pages.

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Sonia Nazario is the author of the Book, “Enrique’s Journey.” This book is based on her feature articles in Los Angeles Times regarding the issue of illegal immigration and tracing the treacherous journey of a young Honduran boy, Enrique, in search of his mother, in the United States. Nazario was awarded Pulitzer prize for her newspaper series. Don Bartletti is the photographer whose pictures highlight the risky train journeys the Central American youth undertake either to reunite with their mothers who abandoned them when they were kids in search of work in the U.S. His camera captured the struggle of these youth to cover about 1,500 miles to reach America sitting atop freight trains and endangering their lives. He was awarded Pulitzer prize for capturing the dreadful moments of the journey of the illegal immigrants in search of family or money making opportunities. Thus, both Nazario and Bartletti, have successfully presented the other side of the picture, i.e. the dangers these immigrants encounter in their bid to escape the realities of their lives in search of the dream in America.
Enrique is a 16 year old boy, who yearns the presence of his mother in his life. He was five years old when his mother illegally migrated to the U.S. in search of a job, in order to provide for her family. “Donde este mi Miami? Enrique cries, over and over again. Where is my mom?” (Nazario, 2007, p.5) Enrique’s mother left him with his father, who moved on to find a new life-partner and his grandmothers were unable to help him resolve the crisis in his life or provide the comfort of a mother. Dominated by the feelings of abandonment Enrique could not focus on his studies. At a tender age, he starts inhaling glue and later falls into drug consumption...

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