Business Plan Outline – Bridging Program
Dream / Business concept: What is your business?
Mission Statement: In one sentence, what is the purpose of your business?
Team / Business History: Who are the key players in your business? What is the history of your business?
Resource Requirements:
Physical Plant (factories / business locations, rent etc.)
Financial plan: Budget for Resource requirements
Market Analysis/ Customers: Who / Why?
Market Analysis/ Demand:
Who are your key competitors?
What is the saturation point of your product?
What is the demand for your product?
Market Analysis/ business climate: What are the current economic conditions? Booming / declining economy? How will your business respond to this?
Marketing: How will you get your word out?
(How will people know about your product or service?)
What is your brand messaging?
What will the price point of your product be?
Short term   - 12 Months
Medium Term - 1/3 years
Long Term - 3/5 years
Conclusion and Summary: Summarize most important aspects of this plan, emphasizing advantages of your business.

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Business Concept: Custom Diet Company will be a leading provider of healthy and nutritional diet programs in Canada. Its goal is “Healthy Choices, Long Life for All.” It will employ innovative marketing techniques, along with a superior food product line to provide customised diet plans for the individuals. It will maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality of food provided to individuals in accordance with their specific diet plans. Our company will especially focus on the Business people who are overwhelmed with job responsibilities and sports persons whose hectic training schedules can wreak havoc on their health.
Mission Statement: The purpose of this business is to provide customised meals to meet diet goals of the individuals. It will include health assessment and professional consultation to design a specific diet plan for the individuals.
Team/ Business History: The key players in this business will be leading professionals with advanced education degrees from top-ranking institutions. Lena, with a management degree from Cambridge University and marketing manager at the Google for last 5 years, will serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this company will be Rawan. He has earned his MBA degree from Oxford University, besides, an accounting certificate from London School of Economics. He has been an accountant with the RBC bank from 2009 to 2014. Yang, with his several years of experience in the high managerial position will function as the Chief Marketing Officer. He holds an MBA from Stanford University. Kevin, with a Masters in Human Resources Management from Toronto University and currently, manager at Microsoft, will be the Human...
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