1. What Is Education?

View a film about teaching and education, which is based on a true story.

Now, pick a few of the scenarios that stand out in your mind and a few of the scenes in the film that held the most meaning for you. Consider the new insights and knowledge that you have gained about children, education, and teaching, with these thoughts in mind:

For this Discussion, explore: the following current issues listed below to
• Your personal definition of education
• How your view of and/or attitudes about education have changed since you began this course

2. Current Issues That Affect Education

Though grounded in history, philosophy, and research, the theories and practice of education are constantly changing in response to new knowledge and children's needs. Whether you decide to teach young children or work in a related profession, you will need to be aware of the current issues and challenges that are affecting the lives of young children, their families, and the educational field.
For this Discussion, explore: the following current issues listed below to Children with Special Needs. Based on what you have learned about education and children, consider what teachers need to know in order to be respectful, responsive, and effective with Children with Special Needs. Post at least three findings/insights that you believe will provide vital knowledge to your colleagues in this program. Be sure to reference the Learning Resources or any other sources.

Film: Eckert, J. M. (Producer), & Hughes, A. (Director). (2005). Knights of the South Bronx [Motion Picture]. United States: A & E Television Networks.
Article: NCREL. (1997). Critical issue: Rethinking learning for students at risk.

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1. Education in our society has been mainly understood as attending educational institutions and attaining academic degrees. This is emphasized by parents and by our system. It is repeatedly stressed that we can earn the academic degrees we can achieve by reading textbooks, making notes in the classroom and doing best in our examinations or...
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