Part A: explain what the Bill C-51 is in detail with quotes.

Part B: are you in favor of bill C-51 or not explain. It should not be your opinion.

Write about 750-1000 words and cite it MLA format

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Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Bill, 2015, is a proposed legislation to make changes in several laws to increase the authority of governmental agencies to thwart terrorist activities in Canada. In February, 2015 it was passed in the House of Commons with a significant margin, but, the country is plunged in debates and protests. This bill has been proposed by the government in the aftermath of the October 2014 series of lone terrorist activities in Quebec and Ottawa. It reflects the intention of the government to strengthen the existing rules and regulations to prevent any activities that threaten the lives and security of Canadians. Nonetheless, there is considerable discontentment among the public, especially the experts of different fields that it will override the personal rights and privacy accorded under the Canadian Constitution.

In this respect, the Part A highlights the main features of the proposed bill and Part B will reflect my stand on this issue....
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