Review The Articles On Haida Language Revitalization Efforts And Reo O Te Kainga (95 and 500 words)

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Review the article Haida language revitalization efforts about a college student, Susie Edwardson, and her aunt’s language revitalization efforts. Write a 100- word response on the following question:
QUESTIONS:How can existing, free to the public, technology-based resources be utilized and improved on for language revitalization efforts? What is their potential to complement the more formalized language revitalization efforts (such as language immersion schools)? What are the potential risks of using online resources? Should these technology-based systems only be used to supplement language learning, or as a primary teaching method?

Review the chapter: Reo o te Kainga (Languages of the Home): A Ngai Ye Rangi Language Regeneration Project and write your response in 500 words.

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Language regeneration project in New Zealand with nine Ngai Te Rangi Whanau (families) is an inspiring project. This is a research collaborative project between researchers as well as selected whanau members to make efforts to revive the language. I was really impressed that although the parent’s generation had given up on the Maori language, but, the new generation is coming together to revive it.
Language is learnt from the family. Our family raises us and teaches us values and guides us how to lead life. Besides, language we learn our cultural...
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