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Video/dvd/Netflix review and paper.
If These Wall Could Talk I
If These Walls Could Talk II
Review the media and give a one to two page summary for each piece, including your reactions to the situations, action, and outcomes of the situations addressed. Compare and Contrast the life changing experiences in each situation. How did the “attitude of the times” impact these stories? Discuss your personal reaction and thoughts about the content of the video. Even though these videos are more than 15 years old how have things in American society changed or not changed in regard to these issues?

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“If These Walls Could Talk,” and “If These Walls Could Talk 2” were both aired originally on HBO and were directed by Nancy Savoca. Both films take on the controversial subject of abortion. The films take place 22 years apart, but in the same household. The idea is to demonstrate the manner in which the core issues of abortion haven’t changed, but societal perspective has. There is actually a third version, but we did not have to view that for this course. The first two versions we viewed took place in the 50’s and 70’s, while the third version occurred in the 90’s. It’s interesting, because abortion remains a hot political topic today and many issues addressed in Roe v Wade in 1974 are still being fought over today in 2013. Both films are clearly skewed towards a pro-choice agenda, based on the content written and the way it was depicted. However, if the viewer can get past that agenda, it is possible to see the core issues that remain and are argued over to this day. Essentially...
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