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Topic: Gay marriage

4-5 pages, No more than 5.5 pages and at least 4 pages.

It needs to have only 3 sources. No less than 3 sources and no more than 3 sources.

Pick one side or the other. Can't be both and write about it.

Double space, font 12.
Also the work cited page.

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“It’s the economy stupid,” James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist is often cited with saying. Marriage, it turns out, is good for the economy. Married couples spend more than single people, whether married or living with a domestic partner. The reason appears to be that there are simply more resources available to use. Married couples certainly have more money than their single counterparts. On average, a married couple spends $35 more a day than a single person, according to a recent Gallup poll (Newport and Wilke 2013).

Marriage rates in the United States have fallen drastically since 1960, however, with more and more people choosing not to get married (D’Vera Cohn et all, 2011). With only 51% of adult s in the United States married today versus 72% in 1960. Meanwhile, the average age of marriage has increased with men waiting till 28.7 years and women 26.5 years. Many point to the economy as the reason for these changes.

Clearly, supporting gay marriage will increase the number of individuals married in the United States. The economy will also benefit, however, by joint households that have more resources to spend....
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