In the Shadow of Mt. Fairweather - an Alaska Fishing Story (1050 words)

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Create a fictional story, 3.5 to 4 pages long.

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I have some pictures, taken as the summer sun is dipping below the horizon leaving Mt. Fairweather softly aglow as it stands watch over the last remaining boats on the fishing grounds. It’s one of those SE Alaska days where no fisherman wants to call it quits. A cool breeze blows in from the west and the wave’s gentle swell rocks the boat like a cradle. The fishing has been good, the hold is full, and it’s time to head for Elfin Cove and the tender. But the memories of the day are too good to put behind and it is difficult to leave the present.
The morning began cool, moist and grey as Cross Sound slowly filled with salmon trollers, each picking their own fishing line for the morning. While I liked to stay within sight of the fleet, I didn’t have last year’s charts to work from so had to create my own lines from scratch. This involved...
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