Worksheet: Common Errors in Writing
Identify the error(s), then write it correctly.
1. Acknowledged as an international crime, several international forums have convened to address Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and girls.
2. Multiple infections among newborns result from implantation with Staphylococcus aureus.
3. Using a fiberoptic bronchoscope, dogs were immunized with sheep red blood cells.
4. Both the experimental and control grops were given four exercise sessions, which were monitored.
5. From personal experience, I knew that I had the perseverance and confidence to overcome every hurdle that came my way.
6. Every student in the class knew their own problems in writing.
7. There are a variety of tobacco flavors such as apple, strawberry, mint, cherry, chocolate, etc.
8. Data is lacking to support the hypothesis.
9. Hispanics tend to use less specialty health care, especially those of low income (Rosal et al. 2011)
10. However, epidemiologists rarely provide cause and effect; rather, they stress strength of associations among factors which may be involved.

Worksheet: Passive to Active
For each sample, rewrite, changing from passive to active voice.
1. Life history can be provided in the form of a narrative account that describes the person’s “lived time” (Rosel, 2003).
2. Sensitivity to how lifestyle, family life, ethnic cultural heritage, and community identity perspectives influence the context of denial must be developed by the therapist.
3. Latina mothers have been shown to encourage childhood obesity (Lindsay,
Sussner, Greaney & Peterson, 2011). Since it is considered undesirable to have children who are underweight, mothers will often not address the issue of obesity or even encourage it, indirectly interfering with public health efforts to reduce childhood obesity.
4. Motivation has been found to be an important influence on job satisfaction.
5. The study was created due to a lacking systematic unified classification of accessibility and usability problems in traffic planning.
6. Attachment is also a concept commonly explored regarding the relationship it has on therapeutic outcomes.
7. Since the approach recommended by Spear, Mendelson and Watkins (2005) examines the effects of the overall diet, dietary patterns may be more predictive of disease risk than individual foods or nutrients.
8. A questionnaire will be developed based on the PEO model, and distributed to the mothers who attend the shelter sessions each week as they come.

A practice worksheet
Identify the problem, and suggest an improved way of writing it:
Acute balance deficits have been found in athletes that have suffered from a cerebral concussion.
It is expected that by 2015, all countries will have met their targets for the eight goals.
Medicine gradually advances forward to acceptance of students with disabilities; however the profession must continue to recognize that the process is extensive yet reachable.
Neither parent nor teacher expectations of technology and its success have been explored.
Hypotonia exists throughout the body; however postural stability is related to the head, back and hip as determined by Campbell.
White & Zwemer address the question, "Does insurance status affect emergency
department evaluation?" in their study of the ED at Strong Memorial Hospital in
Rochester, NY.
Lastly, it has been suggested that defensive medicine is the culprit and that physicians are ordering testing to rule out as much as possible and reduce malpractice risk.
As patients are being discharged earlier from the hospital setting, an increasing amount of follow-up care is being performed in the patient’s home.

Directions: Indicate whether or not the number is written correctly. If it is written incorrectly, rewrite so that it is correct
1. 40 million Americans are now either overweight or obese.
2. Four subjects out of 9 who originally entered the study were able to complete the 12 activities successfully.
3. The researchers administered a five milligram dose of the medication to each of the 15 patients in the experimental group.
4. The first and third groups showed significantly greater progress (p = .031 and p = .046 respectively) than did the other groups.
5. Government spending in the United States is now adding $1500000000000 each year.
6. One third of the class achieved 85% or higher, but ¼ of the class failed.
7. If you need to present 4 to twenty numbers, first consider using a wellprepared table.
8. If you have more than twenty numbers, a graph is often more useful than a table.
9. 48% of the sample showed an increase; two percent showed no change.Twelve students improved, and twelve students did not improve.

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Worksheet: Common Errors in Writing

Identify the error(s), then write it correctly.

1. Acknowledged as an international crime, several international forums have convened to address Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and girls.

Several international forums convened to address Gender Based Violence (GBV), an international crime, against women and girls....
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