Middle Age Caucasian Women VS. Middle Age Hispanic Women (1430 words)

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5 Page paper, APA STYLE


Distinguish similarities and differences of cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic, and musculoskeletal risk factors in two population groups.

Middle age: Caucasian Women VS. Middle age Hispanic Women

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One’s health and one’s body must be in synch and in harmony in order to experience a high degree of overall functionality. Overall health means an undisturbed functionality, undisturbed biological and mental functions, factors that are held highly by all. Health is a condition of good physical, mental and social well-being, a state of absence of disease, trauma, injury, deformity and mental disorders (WHO, 2008).
The preservation of health is incredibly important and a thorough understanding of so-called risk factors is key to such preservation. Risk factors are conditions that actually increase the possibility of acquiring a disease. Some risk factors can be controlled, while others are uncontrollable. Risk factors often depend on family genetics, ancestry, age, lifestyle, and even gender. Very often, each person could possess more than one risk factor, and that may be a critical trigger to the health for each individual (Understanding Risk Factors, 2009).
To understand the risk factors in middle-aged women, we need to know that the main risk factor is lack of contraception use, as well as chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition to these major risk factors, middle-aged women also experience metabolic disorders and various forms of cancer. Knowledge and treatment of risk factors is the key of prevention and control of various diseases that are drastically damaging to the health of middle-aged women (Global Health Observatory (GHO), 2014)....
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