The Thesis & Outline on a final paper title "The Titanic - The heart of the Ocean". The main idea is to write about why so many people love this love story - There are many love stories but what is in this one that attracted so many people. Is ti the beauty of the film? is it because of the difference between Rose & Jack life stiles? the freedom the found in their romance aboard even facing fatality? Is it because Jack dies for Rose?

Ideally, this working thesis will accomplish two interrelated things.

First, it should give your reader an indication of the subject of your paper. This does not have to be obvious, as you will often have indicated literally your topic (TV show / Film / Idea) in the paragraph around the thesis, but there should be at least a minor indication of it. It may look as follows: "______ comes through clearly in the final part of the film," or "This issue needs to be dealt with in order for ______." Each of these locates for the reader the text under discussion in the paper and gives an idea of the direction the final paper will be taking.

Second, and related to the first, is that the thesis indicates the main idea your are expressing about the text - what you are saying and how you will say it. Again, this does not need to be literal, you will not say exactly every point in your paper, but your reader should have a good sense, from your thesis, of the point and direction of your paper. Thus, in the examples above, the blanks would be filled with a statement that expresses the main idea of each paper.

Finally, as you move forward, think about crafting a statement that can give you reader a clear sense of what it is that you are going to say.

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Titanic, a different love story, Titanic is a story that leaves no person emotionless, one either likes it or hates it, what makes this love story different than the others is the realistic story of a difference in social class and values people share, entwined with the emotions which prevail between two young people who fall in love with each other. In spite of the differences they were thought throughout life, when it comes to emotions, they followed their heart, and had to fight for what they believed in.

When thinking about Titanic the movie, first that comes into mind is two young persons, falling in love, on a luxury cruise ship that is taking the passengers on a glorious travel. Titanic is a loved story by many, due to the way story was built from the beginning. Starting with getting to know the characters, Learning about their personalities, values and education we start feeling them as real persons. Persons, who have emotions, thoughts and dreams....
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