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Buddhism has the idea that man is the center of the universes, the entire nature is created for man. They also consider nature as their loving friend. Buddhism believes that natural processes are affected by the morals of man. I will discuss the Buddhism’s attitude on environment in details.

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Buddhism is a religion and philosophy of life that focuses on the interrelationship between man and nature. Nature encompasses all living and natural things on this planet including animals, insects, plants, rivers, mountains, etc. The natural disasters that have been increasingly occurring throughout the world have shed light and discussion on serious environmental factors that are affecting our lives, and will continue to affect our lives if no action is taken to alleviate the issues. Research has pointed to global warming as a very serious environmental issue that will change the whole reality of the climate we know today, and as a factor of other natural disasters which can occur in the future and have even more damaging and lasting effects. In this paper, I will be discussing the thinking and teaching of Buddhism and ways in which this religion have a positive influence on the co-dependent relationship that man has with the environment.
Buddhism is a religion that differs from other religions practice in the world. It is nontheistic, which means that it does not center around and discuss the existence of God....

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