The Tour de France and the Nature of Importance (395 words and 1455 words)

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This part consists of:
•A brief description of exploratory work in an area of interest
•A bibliography of about 10 items.

You don’t need to fully read the items on the bibliography for this part, but be familiar with them. It is suggested that you read the abstract (if there is one), the introduction, as well as the conclusion. Peruse the article or the book. The ideal bibliographical entry is specific to your topic, not general. There is no required proportion of books vs articles: the main point is to find references, and to see what is available.
Projects MUST be related to the course material. Here are some possible projects (not exhaustive):

A term paper

The idea of this project is for you to follow your interests and express the things you have found and researched in a format that interests you or that works with your long-term career goals. If you want to become a scholar, it’s a good idea to do the term paper (but not necessarily — you might want to try something different). If you are an aspiring marketing guru, why not try the video option or the blog as this will give you valuable skills in presentation and articulation of complex ideas. If you like summarizing and synthesizing, why not do book and/or article and/or film reviews. The list goes on. This is a good opportunity to express your personal interests.
It is expected that students do their own reading and outside investigations in order to explore explore their research area. Bear in mind that a minimum of 15 bibliographical entries must be included in the final part of the project. Students are allowed to consult encyclopedias like wikipedia, but these are in the common domain and provide information that is generally known. For instance, if there is a fact in a wikipedia article, that fact is usually referenced, and that reference is to be a peerreviewed source or a generally reliable source of information. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A SOURCE OF INFORMATION, its articles use sources and cite them.

1. Term-paper option:
Write a three-paragraph description of the area of interest and sources found. Explain how you will go about your research project: what you intend on examining, the big question you are trying to answer, and how you will attempt to answer it.

This part consists of:
•A developed project along the lines below
•A bibliography of about 15 items.

The ideal bibliographical entry is specific to your topic, not general. There is no required proportion of books vs articles: the main point is to find references, and to see what is available. Go to the Library if you need help or advice on doing searches. They are more than happy to help you out.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

The Tour de France and the Nature of Importance
In this paper, I examine the nature of importance by examining the importance of the biggest, most difficult bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France. Admittedly, such importance must be highly idiosyncratic, as any sports fan or casual observer uninterested in long, arduous bicycle races would point out. That said, however, this paper uses the exemplar-importance of the Tour to map out some of the structure of importance itself – at least partly because idiosyncrasy is itself likely an inherent, defining part of all instances of importance. And, to ward off concerns over this analysis being overly general, the discussion is firmly rooted in a specific study of the specific impacts of a particular instance of the Tour, the Ghent stage of 2007. It is hoped that this discussion—brief as it is—provides interesting and productive food for thought in its exploration of the nature of importance.
One instrumental, utilitarian, rather nitty-gritty understanding of the importance of the Tour de France may be found by way of an understanding of why any such large sporting event is of importance to the place where it is held – that is, why do the people living there wish to host the event and would they choose to do it again? This may seem like a rather mundane way to get to the heart of something as vital as the unique, idiosyncratic importance of the Tour, but it is a concrete first step. And, in keeping with the tactic of mining apparently prosaic wellsprings for more abstract insights, the field of sports management has much to say in this area....
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