What's Happening In American Politics Today?

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When the whole United States is gearing up for the presidential elections, what can be the biggest issue than the debates going between the ruling president Barrack Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. The first presidential debate got over where Obama accepted that he faired poorly in the debate which was held last week (Rejoice Magazine, 2012). This led to fuelling of the comeback of Romney in the race for White House, as said by Obama.

In a fresh commercial Mitt Romney lighted the battleground by taking a pledge that he will not raise the taxes on anyone at all and portrayed himself as pro-life candidate who will be a pro-life president too. Moreover in an interview Romney also quoted that he will not bring about any abortion-related legislation which is not even part of his agenda too even if he wins the race to White House. Thus the total impact of Romney’s last week’s presidential debate boosted his image nationally and especially in Ohio and other states too. This has been uplifted to the point that Obama admitted that he had a bad night on the day of first presidential debate (Rejoice Magazine, 2012)....
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