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Discuss foreign (non-US)(a minimum of three sources ) and domestic (US) media (a minimum of three sources) coverage of the war in Afghanistan. You can use archived media sources. Look for patterns, trends, differences in nuances of coverage, differences in coverage from one geographical region to another. Use the links to media sources that are embedded in the syllabus. Do not use canned news summaries and do not engage in a discussion of the organization and structure of the media in the US. Focus on analysis and not opinion in your own words; identify direct quotes and close paraphrasing by source in the text of your post, and list your webliography at the end of your post.

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US have been on war with Afghanistan since 2001 and even after 11 years into war, US is still fighting against Taliban insurgency. US entered into Afghanistan with the aim to put an end to Al Qaeda’s base in the country. This article analysis the report provided by three US media resources and also three media resources from UK, UAE and Egypt. The purpose of this article is to discuss the War in Afghanistan portrayed by different media resources from different parts of the world....

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