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1. Write a sentence definition of the technology. Further clarify the “boundaries” of your definition as needed - in other words, what will your analysis consider inside of scope and outside of scope.

2. Describe the technology
a. Discuss the technology’s position in the value chain. How does the technology depend on other technologies, and what other technologies depend on it?
b. How is the technology produced?

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1. Technology refers to the usage of new techniques, tools, equipment etc to solve the problem persisting or updating or modifying the old and outdated techniques in order to achieve efficiency and better productivity. Technology has brought a significant change in the society and the odyssey of the people. It helps not only in making the work simpler but even effective and efficient in all the ways. Organic Farming is also a new technique or a kind of technology that applies various techniques in order to have better productivity for the cultivations and plantations like green manure, crop-rotation, biological pest control etc. This technique combines modern technology and scientific techniques and replacing the old, outdated and traditional methods of production in order to achieve highest degree of production levels. The technique or the technology has a wide scope for the farmers as well as the country as inner scope refers to the scope for the farmer as this will help the farmer to realize the tasks much earlier and with new technology wherein the precautions are proactively taken in order to avoid the damage of the crops or the production....

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