• Identify at least two specific examples of prejudice, stereotyping, bigotry, and/or discrimination.
• Describe each of the examples, using at least one historical example and one contemporary example. These may come from the book or from your life experience.
• Explain the major cause(s) for each of your examples.
• For each of your examples, explain how prejudice, stereotyping, bigotry, and/or discrimination is/are perpetuated.
• For each of your examples, explain the consequences of the prejudice, stereotyping, bigotry, and/or discrimination.
• Describe what you think would be the benefits of a society free of prejudice.

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Prejudice and bigotry
On a more general basis prejudice can be defined as a hostile view towards members of a specific sub-group within a society, based solely on their membership in that specific group. Other than more common traits, such as nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance or medical conditions, prejudice can be held for a number of other reasons. Terms like “dumb athlete”, “nerd” or similar have become increasingly popular in recent years, as types of prejudice held against specific types of people based on their dominant behavioral patterns. If left unchecked, prejudice can often transform into bigotry and full blown hate, often leading to violence, crime and even murder. One of the worst and best known examples of bigotry in history is the holocaust, where an entire people were brought to the brink of destruction...
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