Have you ever been a victim of racism? Has a family member, friend, or colleague experienced an incidence of racism? Currently, on a national (and, in some areas, a global) scale, if you are a person of color in America you are likely to experience some form of racism; this racism is usually accompanied by an attempt to oppress, either overtly and directly or on a more subtle level.
Consider the following examples of oppression and/or racism that have occurred in the United States:
• “…blacks and Hispanics were roughly three times as likely to be searched during a traffic stop, blacks were twice as likely to be arrested and blacks were nearly four times as likely to experience the threat or use of force during interactions with the police” (American Civil Liberties Union, 2007).
• “On June 17, 2010, 19-year-old Luis Alberto Delgado was detained by U.S. Border Patrol after a traffic stop in South Texas. Delgado was an American citizen, born in Houston, but his English was poor. He produced his U.S. birth certificate, but immigration agents insisted that his documents were fake. They detained Delgado while they investigated. He was eventually deported. He languished in Mexico for nearly three months before immigration officials finally cleared him to return to the states” (Lavender, 2011).
• “The Japanese American relocation camps of World War II illustrate the perception of these American citizens as ‘foreign.’ Rumors that there were Japanese spies from Japan circulating among them were enough to justify confiscating their property and keeping them behind barbed wire for the duration of the war” (Koppelman, 2014, p. 120).
• In this Discussion, you will explore oppression and racism on individual, institutional, and cultural bases, examining the effects of and efforts to combat racism and oppression.

Discussion Board One
Two Paragraphs
1. Write two paragraphs in which you describe your example. Be sure to include the category of racism (individual, cultural, or institutional) in the title of your post so that it is easy to identify. Explain contributing factors and consequences of this type of oppression and racism. Provide a brief overview of the effects (past, present, and future) of the racism for the oppressed group(s). Finally, describe at least one effort to combat the type of oppression and racism you chose; discuss whether you believe this effort has been successful to date. Provide some examples of changes you would recommend to combat this type of racism.

Discussion Board Two
One Paragraph
2. Write one paragraph on explanation of your position on the issue you selected, referencing the effects of the First Amendment on religious practices. Also reference practices of oppressed religious groups. Support your response with information from the Resources and from other information you found on the subject.

Discussion Board Three
One Paragraph
3. Write one paragraph on the effects of the Civil Rights Movement on sexism and heterosexism in the Women’s and Gay Rights Movements of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Explain the efforts to combat sexism and heterosexism that came out of the social change credited to these movements.

Discussion Board Four
One paragraph
4. Write a paragraph about issues and limitations involved when individuals with developmental disabilities become romantically and/or sexually involved. In your posting, include the following:
• The possible assumptions you may make and the possible controversies and impacts that might arise in relationships between persons with disabilities
• Barriers that people with disabilities face when dealing with relationships, including aspects of those relationships that others might take for granted
• A discussion of whether people with disabilities should be considered a minority group and what this means for their rights
• An explanation of how ableism and classism are related

Discussion Board Five
Discussion Board
One Paragraph
Write a paragraph analysis of how major social institutions are promoting pluralism in response to the ever-growing diversity of groups in America. Provide specific examples. Then, in a reflection statement, explain what an individual can potentially do to foster such pluralism. In your reflection, craft a few bullet points outlining the understanding and knowledge that you have gained concerning social change.

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Institutional racism – law enforcement
On one occasion my friend who is of African American descent was driving us to a nearby lake for the weekend. Although there were four people in the vehicle, he was at the wheel. After some time the road cleared and there was only one car left in front. Both cars were driving at a slightly faster than allowed speed, and both were pulled over by a patrol car not long after. Both cars were driving at the same speed, but the driver in the first car was Caucasian and he was...
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