Multicultural Trends Toward Social Change, Part I—
Topic Analysis
In this week, you will begin your Course Project. This is your opportunity to get involved in a current societal problem that has a multicultural perspective. You will examine a societal problem in which people in a societal group conform to the status quo and have taken no action for social change. Therefore, no progress is made toward correcting the social problem. The goal of your analysis is to address the “heart” or core social issue that can be remedied or improved with social change.
To prepare:
Examine and evaluate a current societal problem that has a multicultural perspective. You are free to be creative in the selection of your topic for this assignment, but you should examine a problem that is affecting society and that needs attention. Review the Resources for this week. Note: Your Optional Resources contain some very good ACLU-produced video media.
Part I: Topic Analysis
In the Topic Analysis, you will identify the topic or issue of interest that will be the focus of your Course Project. In your Topic Analysis, do the following:
• Broadly describe the background or context of the issue as it exists today.
• Before you state the key problem, identify two or more related issues and opportunities surrounding the main issue.
• Identify potential opportunities for solving the issue.
• Identify the conflicts that exist.
• Consider any ethical issues that emerge.
• Create one or two introductory paragraphs that integrate key concepts and theories found within the topic or issue of interest. (You may wish to create an outline to help you think about how each concept could have an impact on the present and/or the future.)
These paragraphs are intended to be a short, broad overview of the issues. Consider important concepts or theories and how they relate to the topic or issue of interest. What are the interests, rights, and values of all parties involved? In addition, think about past events that have led to the issues, and think about a potential solution or solutions.
Note: One technique to help you determine the core of the social issue you have selected (instead of simply scratching the surface and identifying a symptom rather than the root cause) is to use the 5 Whys theory, which is outlined in “Determine the Root Cause: 5 Whys” (see the Resources).

Using the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) (see the Resources) to format your document.
Write a 1- to 2-page analysis with background information that leads to an all-encompassing statement of the problem. The analysis should be broadly stated in order to allow for many possibilities for evaluation. Think about the social problem with a multicultural perspective. Consider how you can encourage greater awareness and apply social change.
Support your assertions by making at least two documented references to your course readings, following the examples of documentation in “Common Reference List Examples” (see the Resources for this week). Please use proper APA formatting to cite each of your sources.

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Gender equality - conformity
Social influence is a process in which a person or a group causes changes in the behavior of others through specific forms of behavior. Consequences of social influence can be seen in the changes related to activities, beliefs, opinions, emotional experience and other reactions. One of the consequences of social influence is conformism, which is defined as the change of behavior due to imaginary or real influence exerted by others....
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