Read Chapter 4 of Incident Response & Disaster Recovery and answer the following questions:

1. How do you reconcile the need to treat much of the information in the plan as company confidential information, yet at the same time ensure that the plan is readily available when an attack occurs?
2. How do you garner top-level executive commitment to ensure the participation of all levels of managers and to gain support in encouraging all members of the organization to take ownership of the task of protecting information?
3. What are some of available software intrusion detection systems, what do they offer, how useful and should all companies acquire one?

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1. As is almost always the case with confidential institutional/corporate information, there are different levels of confidentiality, depending on the information and on the context at hand. So, for example, there may be a level of confidentiality surrounding proprietary information which in fact all associates at the company access, with adherence to confidentiality codified in employment contracts; then there are other sorts of proprietary information to which access is highly restricted...

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