1. Readings from Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Chapter 2.
2. Reviewing the (Emergency Management Template) use the Finding Page document and answer:
(A) How would you use this as a framework for organizing your emergency management program, associated plans and
(B) What are the key elements and
(C) Benefits of each?
3. Discussion Questions:
1. Towson University, often referred to as TU or simply Towson for short, is a public university located in Towson in Baltimore County, Maryland, U.S. It is a part of the University System of Maryland with approximately 21,960 (2012) undergraduate and graduate students. For TU, create a risk assessment, for each of the following disasters:
a. Tornado
b. Hurricane
c. Power grid failure
d. Bacterial/viral outbreak
e. Mainframe/server failure
f. CEO and key department figures killed in plane crash
g. Internal hacker that has deleted all network configurations
h. Web page html file deleted
i. HR Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) database corrupted
j. Mail and/or Blackboard server failure

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1. Tornado
a. Asset or operation at risk: people, facilities, teaching, ongoing research, IT
b. Scenario (location, timing, magnitude): unknown
c. Opportunities for prevention or mitigation: response planning, training, and infrastructure constructed to mitigate loss
d. Probability (L, M, H): L
e. Impacts with zero/minimal mitigation (L, M, H):
i. People: H
ii. Property: H
iii. Operations: H
iv. Environment: H
v. Entity: H
f. Overall Hazard Rating: LH (combination of probability and highest impact rating)

2. Hurricane
a. Asset or operation at risk: people, facilities, teaching, ongoing research, IT
Scenario (location, timing, magnitude): campus, during...

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