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Respond to the following assignment parts:
1. Readings from Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Chapter 5.
2. Case Study: After reviewing the case studies (Business continuity and disaster recovery Reference Guide, Data Security - Top Threats to Data Protection, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Center Consolidation & Protect your organization’s sensitive information and reputation with high-risk data discovery) use the Finding Page document and answer (A) what are the issues & best practices of data protection and (B) data centers and (C) how do you protect your organization’s sensitive information and reputation with high-risk data discovery?
3. Internet/Exercise Problem: Enter and surf the terms “Data centers” in search and find 3 companies that provide those services/tools, then use the Finding Page document and answer/evaluate (A) what are some of the tools/services being offered and (B) what are the benefits of using these outside services versus in-house, how effectively can they be and (C) after reviewing these templates, (Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Template & IT Disaster Recovery Template) what are their key components, what’s their value, usefulness for the organization?
4. Discussion Questions:
1. In the field of computer forensics, what types of tools and techniques are used?
2. What are the issues involved in protecting all of the organization’s information. Should all digital conversations be preserved and how, what are the legal aspects? How might an organization notify its users that all communications are being monitored and preserved?
3. There have been several incidents lately in which backup media containing personal customer information were lost or stolen. How should backup media be secured? What about off-site storage of backups?
4. As with any recovery strategy, an organization should schedule a full test rehearsal, what should the after-action review focus on?

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There are several fundamental types of issues which plague data protection, and there are ways to mitigate these risks. i.) Often, due to lack of resources, an organization may have limited or non-existent security architecture in place. Mitigation involves implementing even minimal security, in conjunction with bringing in consulting expertise to help review, suggest, and implement changes. ii.) Connected to the problem of a lack of resources, many organizations fail to keep software properly updated/patched, creating exploitable vulnerabilities. Mitigation requires a robust patch management regimen. iii.) The installation of malicious software via phishing attacks and infected webpages is a common problem. Mitigation is achieved via enterprise-level email security software and the use of firewalls and antivirus software...

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