Write about Advanced Directives in Health Care.
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One of the most important issues confronting individuals has been their health. People are using a range of strategies from healthy eating to exercising so that they can stay fit and have a good quality of life. As the health consciousness has been increasing, people are also opting for advance directives. Advance directives are legal documents that help an individual to make their decisions known about end-of-life care. The best part is that these decisions can be taken ahead of time so that individuals can use their intellect to make their decisions and friends, family and health care professionals can also understand what the individual wants. This helps to avoid confusion to make such critical decisions at later stages of life of an individual. As per Span (2015), the proportion of people who have opted for advance directives has increased from 47% to 72% over 2000 – 2010. There are three predominant types of advance directives that are currently in use such as living will, health care surrogate and durable power of attorney (Buford, 2014). This report would present an analysis of the costs and benefits of each form and try to assess the most suitable form of directive.
Types of advance directives
Though there are many types of advance directives, they can be classified into three major categories of durable power of attorney, living will and health care surrogate. A durable power...
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