Your issue statements/questions might be (also thesis statement or what you case study is about in general.

There are gender imperatives with regard to cheerleading. These gender imperatives define cheerleading as feminine and therefore cheerleaders are to be females. In many male dominated sports cheerleaders are understood to be sexually available to the primarily male team. What are the implications for men who want to cheerlead?

Research questions hone issue questions and so you want to develop these from your issue questions

1. What are the gender imperatives in cheerleading - (including all genders)

2. What are these imperatives based on (the gender ideology and how this intersects with sexualities

3. What is the impact these gender imperatives have on men in particular?

For the last part of the case study you interpret your results providing observations and analysis with regard to the particular findings of the case study - cheer leading - and general findings referring us back to gender imperatives.

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1.    Introduction
In the social context, individuals thrive in social expectations as outlined in the social interactions. In developing social expectations, societies majorly focus on the gender disparity to allocate duties and define the conformity standards. The gender disparity issue is a major concern in philosophical, sociological, and political theories. According to Glick & Fiske (2001), gender inequality is rampant in the world despite the constant attempts to curb the trend. Although the inequality and imperative subjections effect but parties, women remain on the lower scale in most cultures. The most universal and rational explanation of these differences and crucial predispositions is the physiological differences between male and female sex. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the gender predisposition in male-dominated careers fields such as managerial, political and armed forces. The author achieves this by examining the various underlying gender imperatives as supported by credible resources.

2.    Literature Review
A research conducted by USA Army (2014) indicated that women occupied only 14.6% of the active armed forces in the USA by the end of 2014 fiscal year. The statistics follow a global orientation that indicates that there are less than 10% of females in the entire global armed forces. The statistics are more palpable in countries that have a patriarchal tradition....
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