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Bring a letter to shareholders from a company of your choice. 1 page

Examine your letter to shareholders and answer the questions below:
1. Who is speaking to you in the letter? How does he or she try to establish a relationship with you?
2. How many positive messages are there in your particular letter? Are they attributed to any particular person or group within the company?
3. Does the letter mention any negative messages or outcomes? How are they explained? Were they due to factors beyond the company's control or not?
4. Is the letter relatively easy to read, or does it seem too technical and jargon- filled, affecting your understanding of the author's points?
5. In the final paragraphs, does the author sound more requesting or demanding in their tone? Are they optimistic and looking towards a bright future?

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Dear Fellow Shareholders,

2015 has proven to be one of the most challenging and most successful years for Ghaleb Inc. Not that long ago, the world was shaken by the global economic crisis. Our core development activities have been influenced by economic and political decisions on the global agenda. We have faced unprecedented economic challenges and the impacts will continue to be felt in the future. These challenges contributed to far-reaching consequences for the trading industry- the core of our business activities. However, we successfully managed to steer your Company...

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