Fat Intake Analysis
In this Assignment you will demonstrate your ability to do four tasks:
1. Determine whether the foods you ate during a given day provide the right types and amounts of fat.
2. Determine whether the foods you ate during that day contain more trans fat and saturated fats than are healthy.
3. Determine whether you consumed any monounsaturated fats, or omega-3 fatty acids.
4. Modify your daily diet to meet the guidelines for fat intake.
Step 1
Click Here for a tutorial of this Assignment.
Click on the Read, Study & Practice link in Course Home and then on the iProfile Mobile Icon at the top-right side of the WileyPLUS Resource page. Use the iProfile diet analysis software to create PDFs of the following reports for a single day. If possible, choose a day that your fat intake (Total, Saturated, or Trans) was NOT within the guidelines.
1. Intake Compared to DRI Report (you will need to save and submit this report)
2. Calories from fat (Create through the single nutrients option)
3. Calories from saturated fat (Create through the single nutrients option)
4. Trans fat (Create through the single nutrients option).
5. Monounsaturated fat (Create through the single nutrients option).
6. Omega-3 fatty acids (Create through the single nutrients option).
Step 2:
Answer the following questions in a Word document using the information from the reports created in Step 1:
1. How many fat calories should you consume in a day?
2. Did you consume too many or too few of your calories from fat?
3. How many of your calories came from saturated fat?
4. Did you consume too many of your calories from saturated fat?
5. Did you consume any trans fats?
6. Did you consume any monounsaturated fats?
7. Did you consume any omega-3 fatty acids?
Step 3:
In the same Word document answer the following questions. The goal is to make improvements to your fat intake based on your responses to Questions 1–7 in Step 2.
1. Use the data contained in the reports generated for Step 1 to guide you in modifying/removing foods so that your fat intake (total, saturated fat, and trans fat) will fall within the recommended intakes. Do not forget to consider the consumption of healthy fats in your diet. Identify three (3) foods that you can eliminate from your diet to improve your fat intake. Identify three (3) foods that you can add to your diet to incorporate healthy fats into your diet.
2. Write a response (200 words minimum) to the question “What foods did you replace and why ?” Make sure to include an explanation about why it is important to stay within the guidelines for fat intake and why healthy fats are beneficial.

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Fat Intake Analysis
1. Fat calories that I should consume in a day
The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for my fat intake is 564 - 988 kcal; which constitutes 20 - 35% total Kcalories.
2. Caloric Contribution from Fats
From the foods that I consumed in that day, fats contributed 500 kcal. This amount falls within the RDI of 564 - 988 kcal....
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