When it comes to thinking about dietary fats, it is just as important to think about what kinds of lipids you consume as how much of them you consume.
Discuss the benefits of using the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid to guide food choices, as well as the difficulties in doing this.
Consider the differences between the typical US diet and the Mediterranean Diet, as well as the objections you might face trying to convince your family or friends to adopt such a diet.
How could you work to overcome these obstacles?

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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid
The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid (MDP) presents a cultural model of health lifestyles that promote heath living. It has a specific meaning; a reflection of food patterns that are typical of the Crete, the larger Greece region and Italy up to the 1960s. It regulates a number of foods to be consumed from the known food groups (Bach-Faig et al., 2011). The paper focuses on the recommendations of fats intake using the MPD and the challenges in doing so. The paper further offers a comparison between typical US diet and the Mediterranean Diet...
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