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Weight Loss Programs
Millions of Americans want to lose weight and are willing to try just about anything. Turn on the television and someone is promoting their method and their program of losing weight. Walk into any bookstore and the shelves are lined with diet books. Which one is the best?
Your Assignment this week is to research one popular diet program/book/method that focuses on long-term dietary changes and write a paper about the program. You may not use weight loss pills (i.e., Alli), surgery, or exercise plan that comes with a diet (i.e., P90x). Your audience is a group of overweight adults who are trying to choose which weight loss plan to follow.
Read about the diet/program. Answer each of the following questions in a short paragraph, no less than 500 words total (not including the words given to you in the template). The template and scoring guide can both be found in Doc Sharing. APA formatted references are required.
• What is the name of the program/book/method?
• What is the name of the author(s) of the book or developer of the program/method? What schooling or qualifications does the author(s) have?
• When did this “diet” appear on the scene? What was the original inspiration for the book or program?
• What foods are allowed and encouraged in the program? Why does the program allow for these foods?
• What foods are not allowed or discouraged in the program? Why does the program discourage these foods?
• Do you have to eat any special foods or take any supplements? If not, give a statement explaining this fact.
• Would you consider trying this diet program? Why or why not? Does the diet plan appear to be nutritionally balanced?

Political Ideology
For the Unit 8 Assignment you will compose a 500 word essay based on your political ideology.
By now, you have gained some insight regarding political ideologies and how they are applied to American government. Now, you will turn your attention to yourself by determining your own political philosophy. Many Americans claim that they belong to a certain party, or follow a certain ideology, without ever taking the time to figure out if that assessment is really accurate. For this Assignment, you will want to explain the origins of the political ideology with which you are aligned. You will then consider how this ideology impacts you, and discuss its prospects for future political success. When you consider the origins of the ideology you chose, you will want to explain when, how, and why you identify with this particular ideology.
Within a 500 Word essay please include:
• An introduction.
• Were you surprised by the political ideology to which you belong? Why or why not?
• What are the origins of that political ideology?
• What are your ideology’s prospects for future political success? Do you anticipate that the percentage of adults/ registered voters aligned with the same political ideology as you are likely to increase or decrease in the near future?
• How might this ideological group impact political parties and elections?
• Support your answer(s) with information obtained from the text and at least two academic sources.
• A conclusion.
• Correct grammar and syntax
• APA format
The Assignment should be at least 500 words, and must use and cite the text and primary documents as sources. Cite the work internally and in full reference at the end, following APA style guidelines. Citation is important to build the definitions, demonstrate your research, and to make it clear which ideas are yours and which are from the source. Check with the KU Writing Center for APA style tips and assistance.

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Weight Loss Book
1. Name of Book: McGraw, P. (2015). The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality. Bird Street Books.
2. Name of Author: Dr. Phil McGraw
Dr. Phil McGraw is a Psychologist, life strategist, and television host. He earned his degree at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1950. After four years, he began his master's and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Texas.
3. Original Inspiration: The authorship of the book began in early 2010. The authorship of this book was motivated by the audience that watches the Dr. Phil show. People come to the show with all sorts of life issues for Dr. Phil McGraw to solve. McGraw presents himself as a highly skilled psychologist and a Dr., who understands the functioning of the human body in current America and across the world. The author is dedicated his international platform to conveying common sense to individuals and families who desire to improve their lives. McGraw has passionately pursued other topics apart from dietary habits such as family functioning, domestic violence, addiction, and the myths associated with mental illness....

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