Assignment objective: To produce a perfectly formatted draft report, “The Importance of Business Communications.”

1. To complete this assignment, refer to the following:
• “Junk Report” and all related instructions
• Unformatted “Untapped Resources” report and all related instructions
• Formatted “Untapped Resources” included in your handouts and also in the Office Administration Formatting Handbook
• Unformatted copy of “The Importance of Business Communications”
2. Your report should be similar to the formatted draft sample of “Untapped Resources”.
3. Use exactly the same process to create it as you used for creating
“Untapped Resources.”
4. Save your document with a meaningful, business-like name. Make sure you save frequently while you are working.
5. Format it leftbound.
6. Use TNR 12 pt for the body text.
7. Format headers to TNR 12 pt. Format the path and filename to TNR 9 pt. Format the page numbering to TNR 12 pt. Insert borders as you have learned.
8. Using the unformatted copy as your reference copy, type all the report text.
9. Insert 3 blank lines between the Section 2 subtitle and the body text. Insert 3 blank lines between the Section 3 References title and the references entries.
10. Indent (tab) the first line of each paragraph (but not the quotations). Use the default tab indent of .5 inch.
11. Indent long quotations from the left and right margins.
12. Create footnotes, not endnotes.
13. Change the report body text (section 2) line spacing to double.
14. Change the long quotations back to single spaced.
If necessary, adjust spacing above and below the first quotation so there is one blank line above and three blank lines below.
Make sure the second quotation has one blank line above. (There is no text below the second quotation.)
Hint: Because you changed body text line spacing to double, you may not see a ¶ for every blank line.
15. The side heading, Written Communication, needs to stay with the related body text. To make sure it accompanies the related text regardless of where page 1 ends, do the following:

Select the side heading Written Communication. Choose
Home tab
Paragraph group
Line and Page Breaks tab
Keep with next
16. Create a title page as you have learned with DRAFT for the header and with no footers.
17. Centre align the title page text, and use spacing between areas similar to “Untapped Resources” and the sample report. Use 24 pt TNR bold for only the main title. Use 15 pt TNR bold for all other title page text, including the subtitle.
18. Use 15 pt TNR for the main title and subtitle in section 2 and the main title in section 3. Bold them. Centre align them.
19. Use 12 pt for the side headings. Bold them.
20. Select all the Reference entries (including the ¶ in between), regardless of length. Format them with hanging indents.
21. Proofread the report with extreme care. Compare it to the unformatted sample copy of “The Importance of Business Communications.”

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Written and Verbal Compared

Probably no successful enterprise exists that does not rely for its success upon the ability of its members to communicate with each other and with third parties. The role that effective communication plays in business success cannot be stressed too strongly; it is essential that strict attention to be paid to the application, implementation, and administration of communication within a business venture.
Effective communication results when information is transmitted from a sender to a receiver, and the message is understood. It is not necessary that the message result in any specific outcome, only that it is sent, received and understood....

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