Read the case Blue Cloud Gets Agile on pages 47-49 of your text, and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to include specific terminology (use bold face type for the term so that it stands out from the rest of the text) in each response.
1. What was the trigger event that led Shel Skinner to adopt Agile?
2. What is your evaluation of the change implementation steps followed by Skinner?
3. What behavioral changes, if any, does Agile require of employees?
4. How do you account for such widely varied responses to Agile among Blue Cloud employees?
5. What should Skinner do now?

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1. Blue Cloud suffered significant earnings losses in the year before Agile’s implementation. According to the case study, “Blue Cloud’s traditional development cycle emphasized a deliberate sequence of development, with verification (testing and debugging) often occurring after a year’s worth of work” (47). Although Blue Cloud’s apps were effective, they did not develop enough programs to make enough of a dent in the overall marketplace. As a result, they were losing ground to their competitors. Skinner feared that his company would have gone out of business if they kept their traditional testing model (alpha and beta tests). Therefore, Skinner emphasized more effective teamwork and introduced the idea of “cross-functional development teams,” where different professionals with different expertise would analyze the software to immediately find bugs....

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