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Website Usability and Analysis.
Learning Outcomes
To foster educational practices that demand a consideration of ethics
To recognize the fact that computers significantly alter where and how people work and that the use of computers is integral to how people write in the workplace and the types of documents they produce To advocate reader/user needs
To create contexts for effective collaboration
To teach visual and verbal argumentation

The Assignment (
You will need to research, locate, and analyze a corporate website and compose a list of criteria you will use to evaluate it. The website's purpose and tone will of course vary, and you may use any of the following criteria and also add your own:

Overall layout
Use of/lack of frames
Use of graphics
Use of pop-up images, movable text, text changing color, etc.
Color scheme
Link accuracy and usefulness
Usefulness of information
Accuracy of information
Use of white space
Ratio of text to graphics

Once you have selected a website, you will need to ask the following questions:

What is the purpose of the website?
Who is the audience and what are the likely demographics?
What does the site aim to do? Sell? Inform? Advocate?
Is the site effective in doing these things?

The deliverables for the project are as follows:

Usability report in which you describe the changes that would be necessary to make the site more effective. This should be about four pages and should pay attention to specific criteria that you have used to judge the website.

Specifics for Usability Report:

One margins for top, bottom, right and left
12-point Times New Roman font
Title for your essay
Numbered pages
4 pages
Single-spaced paragraphs, no indentation of first line of paragraphs, skipped lines between paragraphs

Solution Preview

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As one of the largest and most influential technology companies in the world, Apple prides itself on being as user friendly as possible. Their website is no exception; it is very user friendly. However, minor changes are always possible, and nobody, not even Apple, is perfect when it comes to designing websites.
There is a huge splash in the center of the website’s homepage, with the motto “What will your verse be? Everyone has something to share. See how people are using iPad in their unique ways to add to the world’s story” ( Two clicks are required to get to the video; the first click leads us to a question; “What will your verse be?” ( The video is about 1:40 long, and focuses on how the iPad can be used anywhere on Earth by switching to scenes in various countries. Only one click is required to return to the homepage. In the background, we see a picture of two hikers; a younger female and an older male. The young female is using the iPad, presumably to read or chart their course. Apple is implying that iPads can be utilized as life-saving equipment in addition to being a tool for leisure....

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