The South Korea Ferry Disaster: Mediocre Crisis Management (2700 words)

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Write a Case Study on Crisis Management (The South Korea Ferry Disaster).
The paper should have 8 pages and references cited.

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The South Korea ferry disaster was one of the worst tragedies to befall the nation since the end of the Korean War. On April 16, 292 people, mostly high school students, perished when the Sewol ferry sank (Kwon and Yan, 2014). First, the ferry company, purchased by the Chonghaejin Marine Company, at fault for the disaster focused primarily on profit over safety, creating a situation where neglect could cause a catastrophe to occur (Kwon and Yan, 2014). The South Korean government’s failure to properly enforce safety statutes for its ships was an example of poor crisis management because they set the tone for the ferry company to behave in a cavalier manner towards their customers. The Korean government has taken steps to punish the offending business, but must develop improved means to carry out its safety enforcement to prevent future disasters. Secondly, the boat did not issue a distress call immediately, which could have prevented the South Korean coast guard from reacting as quickly as possible...

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