Adding Value Assignment
In this assignment you will need to analyse a company that operates in the UK. The company must produce a product relevant to your subject expertise. You will need to check that you can obtain reliable information from more than one reliable source about your chosen company before you start.

Your assignment tasks are to:
• Give an overview of your selected company’s product range.
• Identify a single product offered and analyse the added value that it offers to the customer.
• Explain where further value could be added to this product.

Your report should follow the structure indicated below:
Briefly introduce your reader to the company and its product range.
What market are they operating in? What is the market size and potential? Who are their customers?
Existing product
Choose one existing product from the product range and describe it.
Use a value chain diagram to indicate where the value is currently being added in each stage (e.g. inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics etc). Describe each stage fully in the main text referring carefully to your diagram and explain fully how value is currently added. Where do you think most value is added?
Changes to existing product
Describe 3 separate changes you would make to the existing product/service in terms of either design or manufacture/delivery of service (i.e. anywhere in the value chain) to add value to the product. Fully explain fully how each change would add further value to the product and how it could be implemented within the company and how much it might cost to the company and to the product itself. The changes should be based on evidence that you have found such as market research information, information from trade journals, or where a similar way of adding value has been shown in other products etc.

Assignment Length
This assignment should be no more than 3000 words in length excluding appendices, diagrams etc. References are required in order for you to add credibility to your arguments and a report of this type would be expected to contain around 30. These references are likely to be a mix of academic references, internet sites, market research databases such as Mintel, Frost and Sullivan, Keynote or even product comparison sites or blogs. “Personal communications” e.g. speaking to an expert in person, by phone or email may also be referenced.

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Spotify Ltd, led by CEO Daniel Ek, is one of the largest digital music and multimedia streaming companies in the world. Operating out of London and Stockholm, Spotify currently enrolls over 20 million subscribers in all of its plans and maintains streaming deals with “Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal” since its 2008 launch (Edwards 2015). The company is estimated to have at least 4 million users in the UK and 2 million subscribers. Spotify operates in the music streaming market, competing with iTunes, Google Play and 7digital. The market size for a company like Spotify is monumental; any person with an Internet connection in any of the 57 countries Spotify operates in (all of Europe, North America, and most of South America, a combined population of over 600 million adults) (Munarriz 2014). The market size could become truly global if Spotify is able to agree to marketing and streaming deals in untapped markets like China, Japan and India. Most of Spotify’s customers are young adults between the ages of 15 and 35, but the company’s reach is extending to older customers as the range of music available is almost limitless....

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