1. Readings from Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Chapter 7.
2. Case Study: After reviewing the case studies (Amazon Web Services Overview of Security Processes, Cloud Computing - Security Planning Guide & Navigating Security in the Cloud) use the Finding Page document and answer (A) Cloud computing is rapidly moving into the mainstream. What are the benefits and do you insure security needs are being met and (B) what are benefits, tools & techniques of Amazon Web Services Security Processes and (C) how do you build security in the Cloud from the ground up?
3. Internet/Exercise Problem: Enter and surf the terms “Cloud computing” in search and find 3 companies that provide those services/tools, then use the Finding Page document and answer/evaluate (A) what are some of the tools/services being offered and (B) what are the benefits of using these outside services versus in-house, how effectively can they be and (C) after reviewing this template, (SearchSMB Storage business continuity plan template) what are the key components, what’s it’s value, usefulness for the organization?

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Q. A: Cloud computing is rapidly moving into the mainstream. What are the benefits and how do you ensure security needs are being met. The ultimate benefit—both firm-specific and economy-wide—of cloud computing is that, by delivering IT infrastructure in less costly, less complex and more flexible ways, cloud computing greatly mitigates the various entry costs that otherwise keep firms from innovating and creating new products and services (pwc, p. 4). Put so succinctly, the immensity of this benefit may not be made apparent – but the benefits of the availability of cloud services like AWS are real and hugely significant, particularly because the benefits go beyond mere cost-efficiency for IT services. With the flexibility and productivity that comes with relying on the expertise and infrastructure of cloud services, rather than having to resource and manage in-house IT services which often reside far outside one’s firm’s core competencies, a business is able to turn IT into a tool for driving business growth – rather than as a department just as likely to be a loss-driver as it is to add value to the firm. The pwc paper cites the example of a pharmaceutical company’s R&D unit, but the benefits of cloud computing can extend to all sorts and sizes of firms, in part because IT infrastructure needs usually differ only at the margins - where cloud computing can be an even bigger driver of productivity and innovation.

One, possibly self-justifying, contention in the pwc paper is that, while security needs for cloud computing are often little different from non-cloud infrastructures, the stakes are much higher with cloud computing. The paper seems to indicate that this is because of the essentially external-to-the-firm nature of cloud computing services, raising the risk of, for example, data leakage and intellectual property theft – because IT infrastructure is farmed out rather than kept in-house. But this seems a dubious claim, because the in-house/cloud distinction is ultimately only a matter of accounting and location. The bottom line is that the only relevant factors are not whether IT is in-house but rather the extent to which one’s IT infrastructure is cost-effective, secure, and conducive to innovation – any other...

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