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- Intro and Chapter 6, “A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present”


- “Killing the Indian in the Child”: Four Centuries of Church Run Schools

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In a chapter full of the most disturbing, troubling examples of the worst of geo- and socio-political humanity, all perpetrated upon children no less, perhaps what resonated the most was the all too familiar collusion of religious institutions, politics, so-called “market forces”, and the insatiable demand for space and resources. Each of these are, admittedly, more categories than tightly delineated groups without overlap; in fact, overlap and confluence are precisely what make these forces so powerful in shaping history. This confluence is crystallized when Fournier and Crey highlight how Canada’s government came to back religious boarding schools for Indian children: Facing ongoing pressure from settlers’ demands for land and resources, the government had to decide how to deal with their indigenous people in a long-term way...

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