Question 1 - Read “Dao De Jing – New World Encyclopedia” and “Tao Te Ching – An Overview,”.
Notice the alternative spellings!
Both are correct.
Summarize the historical origins of The Tao Te Ching in one paragraph, based on these two reading assignments.

Question 2 - Watch the video in Invitation to World Literature - The Bhagavad Gita.
Describe briefly the material you found the most helpful or interesting.
Who was the speaker?
Explain why you found what he or she said helpful, but don’t write more than one paragraph.
This is what you will have to type - Invitation to World Literature - The Bhagavad Gita Mandatory.

Question 3 - Course Materials, The Inferno, World of Dante, examine the maps of hell.
Which one do you like the best, find the most useful, etc.? Explain.
This is what you will have to type on the web - World of Dante - maps Mandatory.
Study at least two of the maps of the Inferno on this page.
Very helpful in giving you an idea of what Dante was thinking.

Question 4 - Explore the two links to resources on Macbeth.
What can you learn from these materials about the theme of masculinity and manhood from these resources?

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Dao De Jing is a famous Chinese philosophical text with a long and complex history. The text received constant attention throughout the Chinese history. It has also been translated into western languages from the early days. Some of the commentaries and translations are dated back two millennia ago. While some think that the text is a summary of centuries of wisdom, others believe that the book can be attributed to one author- Laozi. Laozi has been a matter of debate and his identity remains a subject of speculations. In a biography book by historian Sima Qian (cc. 145-86 BC), Laozi’s identity is described trough three different stories...

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