You will have to read the blog and then answer 10-12 sentences of y...

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You will have to read the blog and then answer 10-12 sentences of your own personal thoughts or ideas. Please see below a reading of the blog;


In order to gain some perspective about imperialism, read an Indian Children's nonsense poet, who grew up under British rule. Sukumar Ray was born in India, but he was educated in England. In fact he was a scientist who became so influenced by British nonsense (like that of another mathematician who wrote nonsense by the name of Lewis Carroll), that he took it upon himself to create an Indian version of nonsense. However, It seems that he also learned the power of nonsense as a political satirical tool. Ray's poems are nonsense, but they are full of commentaries and critiques of the British and how they treat his people.

In the poems in this unit, pay attention both to the inflience that British nonsense has had of Ray, but try to examine them as political satire. There is a lot of gratuitous violence in his poems, just as it was in Alice in Wonderland. Children and victims of adult rules and irrationality. What aspects is he attacking in British rule? Also, because nonsense is the ultimate weapon against ALL adults, Indian or British, notice how in some poems, Indian children are seen as victims not only of the empire, but also of the same kind of conservative education that is hurting British children. In the short animated rhymes below, adults look just as idiotic as they did in Alice in Wonderland.

Pay special attention to "Nonsense Gone Sense," where the adult is trying to tell a story to a child who keeps interrupting, telling the adult he is doing it wrong. What is the adult's reaction? "Greedy Guts" is talking about food at first, but then takes a very political, anti-empire turn.

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I agree that it seems that Sukumar Ray had the same writing style as with Lewis Caroll who is also nonsense literature writer. At first glance it seems that he wrote his poems in a way that was simply made for the enjoyment of children. The poems seem to be lighthearted where children...

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