1- You will have the read the "BLOG" and comment on it by writing 10-12 sentences on your own personal thoughts or ideas on the reading.

The American Transcendentalists wanted to create a body of literature that would be totally American. Alcott makes the distinction between the British and American cultural and literary experience as clear as can be. The picnic they all attend features two main activities: a game of croquet and a game of storytelling. During the Croquet game, Jo makes a few remarks that make clear the difference between how Americans and the British do things. During the storytelling game, the British tell very different kinds stories from the Americans. These differences in style and content make a very transcendental argument as to the nature of American literature and how it is different from British literature. Read the stories they tell very closely and see if you can detect the differences between the two cultures. Keep in mind that Edgar Allan Poe is extremely popular already and is considered to be one of the first masters of American literature. (Not only that but he invented the detective story!) his influence on the Americans' stories is evident as are ideas of women's equality and human rights.

Another theme that is continuing in these chapters is of course the question of women’s place in society. The women’s suffrage movement is gaining momentum and Alcott is fully in support of the effort. One of the big questions of the day is should a woman’s only goal in life be to marry a rich man and have children. Alcott answers this question in chapter 20 when in a conversation between Marmee, Jo and Meg. Read it closely and see if you can explain what Alcott’s view of marriage was.

Although Beth does not die in Part 1, please keep in mind that “Little Faithful,” as Alcott calls her, is a version of those pious, god-fearing little angels we have seen so often. What usually happens to them? You guessed it! Beth dies in Part 2, of course. Why do you think Alcott kills her and how does that fit with her feminist agenda?

2- You will have to read the readings below and then write a 200 word journal on your personal opinion and thoughts and ideas on the readings.
Readings from ''Little Women'': ''Meg goes to Vanity Fair'' and '' A Telegram''.

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The British have ruled over the Americans for quite some time. Events such as this one naturally results to an exchange of cultures between the colonizer and the colonized. It is common however that the colonized nation is the one that is forced to become accustomed to its ruler’s way of life. A common movement after several years of constraint is restoring the true identity of the nation and its people that was once lost because of foreign rule. I believe that it is through great literary masterpieces such as the Little Women...

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