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Write an essay about a particular place that you can observe carefully or that you already know well. Chose a store you know well, a room you have lived in for some time, or a room in the college.

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As I entered my room at home for the first time since I went away to College, I smiled. Mom had kept the room neat and tidy, not quite the way it was when I lived here. I threw my backpack onto the bed, on top of the crochetted Afghan my Aunt Sharon made for me. It was a patchwork of squares each with a flower in the middle and all in shades of blue. Flowers, yes, but not frilly. It was a bit of my Aunt’s handiwork made for a big boy’s room.

On one side of the room was my desk. Simple oak, it seemed a little small compared with where I now did my studies. On it was a copper framed picture of my big brother with his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulder. He was so proud that day, because I had just hit my first home run,...

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