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Critical Analysis Term Paper
You are required to write a critical analysis term paper for this course on the following required text:
Kincaid, Jamaica. (2000). A Small Place.
You should follow these instructions as you write your paper:
•This paper should be a total of 8-10 pages double spaced, 12 pt font size, 2.54 cm margins with proper in text citations. You should also include a separate reference page for external sources cited in the paper (APA style is required).
• This paper is not a summary of the text. Your term paper is a critical analysis of the content of the book. Explain what are the main claims or arguments of the text. Discuss specific agreements or disagreements with the content of what you read and why. You should use any external resources you feel are necessary to support your statements in the paper. In your paper, you should also link ideas and concepts discussed during lectures and from the assigned reading in the course this semester to your discussion. Please do not only cite the lectures in your paper. You should draw upon a fair balance of lectures, the course reading and external sources as you write the paper.

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One broad way in which to understand my aims in this paper is to see the paper as proposing an argument against the view that A Small Place is a polemic. As shall be seen, my position is that, from intellectual and emotional perspectives, there is far more than anger driving the book. Moreover, I present reasons for thinking the book’s anger does not have as its target the tropes of postcolonial criticism. Rather, that anger has its provenance in the impossibilities of such criticism—such as in terms of postcolonial abrogation—given the all-too-salient immutability of postcolonial culture and identity for Antigua.
Challenging the assumptions of culture
In “Anger in a Small Place: Jamaica Kincaid’s Cultural Critique of Antigua”, Byerman (1995) premises his analysis on the idea that Kincaid’s writing on Antigua expresses “an anger about that island…about colonialism and its effects” (p.91). Byerman (1995) goes on to suggest that, in A Small Place, and by examining “the public realm”, Kincaid challenges “the assumptions of Antiguan culture itself” (p. 91). My interest in Byerman’s argument is driven by the question of what it means to challenge the assumptions of a culture – and, depending on some determination of that meaning, whether challenging the assumptions of a culture is even possible in an understandable way. What can such a challenge consist in and amount to? And, even more fundamentally, what exactly is it for something to be a culture’s assumption? I should attempt to explain my perturbation at these terms and ideas. For one, I take Byerman—and, by extension, Kincaid—to be thinking of a culture’s assumptions as the implicit valuations and, in turn, status-determining delineations of people, their places, and their roles in the continuation of a particular worldview – or, more colloquially and perhaps more innocently, a particular way of life.
The ‘assumptions’ here are the invisible-accepted molds and casts and dies which shape how things happen. An analogy from physics might be that of gravity and its Einsteinian relation to space: Gravity is the reshaping effect on space wrought by the influence of mass; things move ‘along’ gravity because they move along the curvatures in space that gravity essentially is. Likewise, presumably, cultural assumptions as meant by Byerman (1995) and Kincaid (1988) are the heavy masses, which have...

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