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Prepare a report according to the following instructions:
1. Food Practices Interview
Purpose: to understand, from an ecological perspective, why people eat what they do.
Description: For this assignment you are going to interview somebody about their food practices. That is to say, how they get their food, what they choose to eat, and why. This person must have food practices that differ from your own. This could be due to generational, cultural, economic, ideological or other differences.
Your interview should explore foodways through the lens of the Biocultural Framework (Figure 1.1, page 4) such as culture and the physical, economic, social and political environment. An adaptable interview guide is posted on ACORN to help you formulate the basis of your discussion and we will practice this in class prior to your interview. To get the depth of information you need, your interview should be approximately half an hour in length, but longer is fine too if the conversation is going well.
your planned interview.
1. From this interview, you must submit a written report synthesizing your findings and analysis vis-à-vis the Biocultural Framework and course content. It must be in Microsoft Word format. You must strengthen parts of your discussion with references that either corroborate or contrast what you learned from your interviewee. Format: APA. Maximum length, 1000 words, or 4 pages, double spaced (not including title page and reference page). Please include a title page with your name, student number, title, my name, date (not included in the page count).

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1. Introduction – the interviewee
For this assignment on understanding food practices from an ecological perspective and via the Biocultural Framework, I interviewed Jerry P., a male, 68-year-old, African-American recent retiree ; Jerry had run the electrical team for a small-medium construction firm. Jerry was reluctant to give his last name - he is currently volunteering for one of the Democratic Presidential campaigns and was concerned he would be unable to speak to me freely if there was any chance of embarrassing the campaign in connection with issues to do with race, poverty, urban demographics...

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