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In under 3000 words, write a detailed, well-structured healthy behavior change journal on a topic/change of your choosing.

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My chosen goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Now, you may be wondering why I did not say my goal is to increase the proportion of my diet comprised of fruits and vegetables, or to increase the variety of fruits and vegetables making up my diet. The answer is simple: My diet does not currently include any fruits and vegetables. That is, the only honest way to estimate the baseline frequency with which I engage in this particular healthy behavior is, I think, with this number: zero. You may find that number hard to believe. If so, it is important to note that I am not counting the “fruits” and “vegetables” that are incidental in our meals; for example, I am not counting the smatterings of dried strawberries found in my cereal box or the usually sad excuses for vegetables sprinkled on pizza. Without those incidental sources, it is indeed—and unfortunately—accurate to think fruits and vegetables take up zero space in my diet. And, fairly obviously, I want to address this glaring deficiency in my diet because I know that doing so will have both immediate and long-term positive health implications (and the risks in failing to do so are salient and troubling).
The USDA recommends that daily intake should be around 2-4 servings for fruit and 3-5 servings for vegetables (Guthrie, 2013, n.p.), or, in other terms, for a 2000-calorie diet, roughly 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables (Durand, 2014, n.p.). So, clearly, attaining this level of fruit/vegetable intake, and maintaining that intake for, say...

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