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Do the research and write a paper on Abraham As The Touching Point Between Christianity, Islam And Judaism.

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The world of the Ancient Middle East, mainly in the regions surrounding Egypt and other advanced civilizations around the Mediterranean sea was, predominantly, politheistic until the late 7th century. The civilizations that existed at this time worshipped a plethora of deities, most of which were based on some form of natural phenomenon – for example Ra, the Sun God and similar. Each deity had a specific contribution to the pantheon, such as war, plenty, agriculture, sea and similar. Within this turmoil of beliefs, there appeared a monotheistic religion, based on the idea that there is only one God, a supreme being that created everything and which governs all life on the Earth. The origins of monotheism can be traced to Judaism, the first recorded monotheistic religion. The gradual advancement of human civilization and the need for a much more elaborate religious system allowed for the appearance of Christianity in the 1st century of the new Era and later Islam in the 7th century. These three religions compose the core of the contemporary monotheism as they are both the most dominant and the most persistent systems of belief in the world.
The three largest monotheistic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism can be linked together in a common tradition that reaches as far back as Abraham, one of the key figures in all three religions. Over time, each of the three built different belief systems and approaches to worship that differentiated them from one another, but it is an undeniable fact that they all, until this day, possess a common thread that is built deeply into their core beliefs. For example, all three religions believe in a single deity, an omnipotent God who is the Creator, Ruler and the Keeper of the world. This paper will argue that although in every religion this deity takes on some specific...

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