Write a paper about Justice and the Native American people.

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Justice, or its perception, is one of the central themes in the Round House, a novel by Louise Erdrich. The search for justice of a young Indian boy is one filled with reminiscence on the inherent injustice of the modern world, it is a critique of the American legal system and a truly authentic exploration of the modern Native American. The concept of justice is the centerpiece that ties the entire book together. While searching for a man who brutally raped his mother, Joe explores the inefficiencies of the legal and judicial system in the United States when it deals with the problems of the indigenous people. This paper will look at the core issues surrounding the contemporary Indian legal system, the division on tribal and state governed law and the core problems most Indians face when dealing with that system (Deloria & Lytle, 1983; Deloria, 1989; Coyle, 1986).
It will be argued here that, while systematic oppression of the Indians – which has been the core of most of US government policies over the last two centuries – is no longer present, but that that in no way diminishes the difficulties the Native Americans face when they enter the system, be it legal or otherwise. The concept of justice as it is known...

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