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Construct a reverse outline for your essay, using the Point, Information, and Explanation rubric.

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Reverse Outline
Body para 1:
The primary—and most fundamental—point of this essay is that the use of natural gas to generate electricity must continue to supplant coal as the primary nonrenewable fuel source for electricity generation. Some of the supporting evidence for this claim is descriptive; as the supply of natural gas increased as shale extraction ramped up, the price of natural gas fell, causing markets to respond by supplanting the relatively more expensive use of coal (EIA, 2016, para. 2). The US Energy Information Administration projected that 2016 would “be the first year that natural gas-fired generation exceeds coal generation in the United States on an annual basis” (para. 1). However, in addition to the descriptive, market-driven fact of the ascendance of natural gas over coal, there is also evidence in support of the normative claim that natural gas should supplant coal: Based on work by the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, natural gas power-generation plants have been found to be...

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