Comment on Postwar Music in the 1940s and 1950s and the Melting Pot (160 words)

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In a paragraph to half a page, respond to the following prompt:

The postwar period of the late 1940s and early 1950s was a time of great turmoil. America struggled to accommodate a large number of immigrants and displaced persons from the war-torn regions of the world. The Americana film had the potential to help these newcomers assimilate into their new nation with the goal of creating loyal American citizens. Nativist movements (many closely aligned with white supremacist organizations) had influenced United States immigration policies between World Wars I and II, particularly due to fears of anarchists, Catholics, and Jews, who were seen as outsiders who held foreign allegiances. However, the concept of the "melting pot" (emphasizing homogeneity by erasing multiculturalism) had become popular during earlier waves of immigration, and now that a new generation of migration was beginning, it became clear that Hollywood could help reinforce traditional American values such as hard work, cooperation, honesty, and patriotism.

In this discussion, post your views on the following questions:

1. An opposing approach to the "melting pot" of assimilation is the "mosaic," which encourages diversity and multiple expressions of cultures. What might be some musical expressions of this philosophy that we could hear in a film score? Consider compositional styles, tonality, instrumentation, or other areas of musical influence.

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If I were composing a score for a film whose theme emphasized the validity and value of the “mosaic”...

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