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There are dozens of types of established user testing methods (comprising different instruments, procedures, and measures). For this assignment, you will select one method you think may be useful during user testing of your design project. A list of some established methods is included below. You may choose one from the list, or research another method.
Write a short report detailing:
1. The name of the method you have chosen
2. A description of the method (and how it works)
3. How you would deploy this method in your testing
4. Data you would collect with this method
5. Describe how this data will inform your testing research questions
You should coordinate with your group members as to which method you each choose, and each team members should write their report about a different instrument. Each student is responsible for delivering their own research and report.
Some methods include:, Focus Groups, Interviews , Surveys, Behavioral Analysis (Timing and Tracking), Card Sorting
Wizard of Oz (I chose this) A/B Testing, Critical Incident Technique, Diary Studies, Eye Tracking
Site Analytics, Semantic Differential

You will receive 0-20 points based on:
• Description of method (4 point)
• Plan to implement (4 points)
• Understanding of data to be collected through this method (4 points)
• Understanding of how this data can inform your design process (4 points)
• Suitability of method (4 points)

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For the purpose of conducting a usability test on our mobile application, I decided to implement the Wizard of Oz method. The Wizard of Oz method involves creating a mock-up or very basic model of the prototype, in order to simulate the application’s prospective functionality and interface. In order to gather data and feedback on the interface, a ‘dummy’ representation of the interface, with for example no functioning buttons, would be used. Then, when the tester/participant interacts with a specific area of the dummy interface, such as a button...

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