Respond to the following prompt:

Start out with describing your ideal marriage in one sentence.

Delineate rights and duties for yourself and your spouse in five different areas of marriage such as housework, children, relations with in-laws and other relatives, emotional support, intimacy, leisure time, last name, pets, etc…. Do not just focus on the usual economic issues!

After you wrote up your prenup discuss the following questions:
What are the underlying general assumptions in your ideal view of marriage and your prenup? (e.g. shared norms and values, spouses are employed, living in their own household, sharing a household, etc…)
What are the underlying gender roles in your view of an ideal marriage and your prenup?
Do you think the issues you covered are typical issues facing couples today?
Where do you anticipate some resistance from your spouse and why?
Is your prenup applicable to other social groups in the US (ethnic groups, different income levels, homosexual couples…)? What would you need to change if you would apply your prenup to another group?

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Communication: While difficult to codify, implement, and enforce, each of us have both the right and the duty to communicate with each other. There will be no ‘silent treatment’, where one or both of us attempt to injure the other or retreat into our shells using silence. Questions will be asked and answered in as positive a spirit as possible at the time. The demonstrable attempt at communication will be respected and cherished at all times...

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