In 500-750 words, write a critical analysis of Shaaban and Ghaith (2000); adhere to the following guidance:

Make sure that you make it clear that you are referring to the author’s ideas, not yours. Do this with signal phrases like “according to,” “the author adds,” “she/he claims that,” “the article suggests,” “points out,” etc. When you are making your own claims, defend them. Always back up any criticisms you have of the author’s work. Be very clear about why you have a criticism or why you are giving praise.

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Within the context of examining the motivation of students learning English as a foreign language (EFL), Shaaban and Ghaith (2000) set out to answer a number of interrelated questions, prime among which was the extent to which the factors generally understood to be factors or dimensions of motivation are correlated (p. 633). Two categories of motivation, according to the literature from which Shaaban and Ghaith...

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