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Proposal: The one- to two-page proposal will include four elements: 1) A descriptive preliminary title; 2) One well-written paragraph explaining the topic and, more specifically, the main question(s) and argument(s) of the paper; 3) An outline of the two or three main sections of the paper; and 4) A bibliography including three relevant academic sources.

Research paper: The papers will be seven to eight double-spaced pages (or 1750 to 2000 words) in length (excluding the title page and bibliography). They must be original papers, meaning that revised papers previously or concurrently written for another class are not acceptable. The papers will have to quote (directly and/or indirectly) at least five academic sources, be properly referenced, and include a bibliography listing all the sources cited.

Essay topics:
1. While liberal democracy is being challenged in the US and Europe, Canada is being identified as a crucial bastion of liberal democracy. To what extent is this accurate? Why?

2. Why is it important for non-Indigenous Canadians to learn about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada as well as their on-going mobilization for their rights?

3. In response to US President Donald Trump’s travel ban, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted “Diversity is our strength.” What does this means? To what extent is this statement correct? Why?

4. Why have provincial and federal governments been unable to change Canada’s first-part-the-post electoral system in the past 150 years?

The goal of good writing is effective communication. Students communicate effectively when the reader understands exactly what they mean. To this end, students are advised to pursue the three “Cs”: clarity, concision, and coherence. Clear writing is devoid of ambiguity and as insusceptible of misunderstanding as possible. Concise prose avoids convoluted sentences and strives to achieve word-economy wherever possible. Coherent writing refers to the rational organization of statements in the most effective and efficient way. Writing that satisfies these three standards cannot fail to convey its message effectively.

Always consider your audience. For this essay, to ensure clarity, think that you are writing for somebody who does not know anything about Canadian politics.

Break down your essay into paragraphs (there should be at least two paragraphs per page). Each paragraph conveys one idea. The first sentence of the paragraph expresses this idea in general terms. The following sentences explain the idea in details.

Instead of general terms like “big”, “small”, “huge”, “nice”, “thing”, etc., choose more precise terms like “major”, “significant”, “considerable”, “minor”, “insignificant”, “item”, “point”, “argument”, etc. Use the thesaurus function to find different synonyms.

Avoid contractions. Use “does not”, “are not”, and “it is” instead of “doesn’t”, “aren’t”, and “it’s” (or “its”).

Check which words are to be capitalized. Please note: the environmental ideology and the Green Party; the government; the province; Canadians; Canadian environmental groups; Prime Minister Trudeau. Strive for consistency in editing as well.

Papers should always be proofread for spelling, typographical and grammatical errors as well as for punctuation. Word processor programs are not infallible and can miss typos, inconsistent use of verb tense as well as punctuation mistakes. Missing or incorrect punctuation can change the meaning of sentences. For example, the sentence “The panda eats, shoots and leaves.” does not mean the same thing as the sentence “The panda eats shoots and leaves.”

Essays include an introduction, two or three main sections, and a conclusion.

The introduction is half-a-page in length and presents the essay topic, the key concept(s), the two or three sections of the essay, and the main argument or thesis.

The two or three sections of the essay should be generally of equal length and appear in the sequence mentioned in the introduction.

The conclusion is half-a-page in length and recapitulates the key points of the essay and speculates of the implications for the future.

Whenever students quote directly or paraphrase the statements of others, or use opinions and theories that are not their own, or take a specific item of information from a publication, they must cite the source. Students who do not give references for direct quotes (using the exact same wording as the source) and indirect quotes (reformulating the ideas, facts, arguments, etc., of others into their own words) are guilty of plagiarism which is a serious academic offence.

To avoid plagiarism, students need to write the essay in their own words and insert a reference after each direct quote put in quotation marks and each indirect quote paraphrased from the words of an author. Page numbers must be included for all direct quotes.

For the purpose of this essay, students will use EITHER Chicago OR APA as their referencing style.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

In considering the question of whether, in light of recent developments in the US and Europe, Canada is a crucial bastion of liberal democracy, a critical assumption must be made explicit at the outset: This discussion is premised on the idea that a thoroughgoing multiculturalism is a central tenet of the notion of liberal democracy, where that multiculturalism is expressed primarily through commitment to immigration and immigrants, and through adherence to the priority of integration—rather than assimilation—of immigrants and their cultures. As will be seen, this variant of multiculturalism is, arguably, a very Canadian one – and, admittedly, this may presuppose a particular conclusion. Indeed, this discussion argues for the conclusion that, due to the country’s history, Canada exemplifies the sort of liberal democracy in which multiculturalism is practically definitional; for related reasons, it may be that the US and Europe have never been bastions of liberal democracy in the same way. However, as will also be demonstrated, it may be that Canada is hardly immune to the same nationalist and nativist impulses which have wrought so much change in the US and Europe.

The failure of (European) multiculturalism
Writing in 2010, well before Brexit and other largely unexpected developments, Banting and Kymlicka sought to understand the prospects of multiculturalism in Canada given that it appeared that, “particularly in Europe, there is a widespread perception that multiculturalism has failed”, in turn occasioning calls for a retreat from this core tenet of liberalism....

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